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What Gates was describing in 1997 was "Cloud" based computing

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What Gates was describing in 1997 was "Cloud" based computing
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The ipad and the Future of Home Fashion, When Apple announced the release of its new ipad, I was a skeptic. I looked at this device as an overgrown version of the ipod touch. What, no phone? No camera? You have to buy a service to connect to 3G networks?Mac Ladygaga Makeup SeriesAs it was being billed, I thought of it as an E-Reader like Amazon's Kindle (for a lot more money). My perception was, up until very recently, that this is a toy that replaces nothing in my already crowded briefcase. Without the usual built-in ports on my laptop, I did not see how in the world I would add this if i could not lose my phone, kindle and laptop. Boy, was I wrong. The significance of the ipad cannot be understated. About 15 years ago in an interview on PBS, then Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, was discussing the future of computing, the internet and the eventual demise of computing as we understood it back then. In what I can only describe as a prescient exchange, Gates spoke about how platforms (PC or Mac) would eventually give way to a seamless, web based portal where applications would be available to the user for rent rather than purchase. Storage would be something that the user would also "rent". Users would dip into this virtual well and put in or take out as little or as much as they need.Mac Makeup Lipgloss This virtual interaction would take place without the user having to commit to actually buying a "computer". What Gates was describing in 1997 was "Cloud" based computing. The device that would replace the "computer" had yet to be invented, but he saw it coming. I believed him and then moved on with my life not realizing that what he predicted was happening under my nose. In 1997 this futuristic prediction seemed so far off. That far off day is here. Consider a company that sells wholesale products to interior designers and retail home fashion stores. Assume they have 30 sales people (road warriors) each lugging around approximately one thousand 8" x 10" glossy photographs of their lines weighing over 25 pounds.Marcel Wanders The cost to produce each set is approximately $1. 50 per picture ($1500). The cost to ship one set via FedEx is $45. 00 for standard overnight delivery. The time to produce one set is about three days of printing 8 hours per day on traditional color ink jet on glossy paper.

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